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February 5, 2017
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Why Project Management is So Essential?

At Go Gondolier, we take pride in our ability to offer our clients the advantages of an integrated project team by providing them with a stress-free loft conversion from start to finish.

Apart from our team of chartered architects, we also avail our clients with the services of structural engineers, specialists in party wall, and planning law experts. All these point to the fact that we’re able to visualise the totality of the project from the start.

We have a predilection for anticipating potential problems and stopping them from occurring which affords us the opportunity of providing smooth service to our clients.

Our years of experience in providing top architectural service make us the ideal candidate to help our clients navigate the planning laws of the London boroughs.

We have an intimate knowledge of the effect these laws have on our lives. Our chartered architects always have this knowledge of planning laws at the back of their mind when designing projects.


All these combine to ensure that our client’s desire to build their dream home is not halted by planning laws.

The fact that we have specialists from different disciplines is a great boost to our ability to efficiently management projects. This is an essential factor when embarking on residential conversions because we try our best to ensure that there’s little disruption as possible.

Our structural engineers work hand in hand with our chartered architects to breathe life into the designs, and we keep our clients informed of every development through our highly experienced project managers. Having every one of our experts under the same roof ensures that we’re able to swiftly attend to client’s needs.

For instance, if you split a project between architects and project managers from different firms it will take longer to transfer information down to the right people. The fact that Go Gondolier is one team makes it easier for us to react swiftly to the needs of every client.

If you decide to work with Go Gondolier, there will be no need for you to contact architects, engineers or project managers from outside. With our excellent teamwork and efficient communication we’ll relieve you of the stress associated with loft conversion and home extension. Together we will breathe life to your dreams.



At Go Gondolier, we create bespoke loft conversions that will meet our client’s needs, we also help our clients experience a stress free loft conversion by managing the complex build. Contact us today for a free quote request

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